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scarf by Via-Thats-Me
I love my prismacolor markers I got for my birthday!!!!! ^.^/
Banana split by Via-Thats-Me
Banana split
Just one of my concentration pieces. People having characteristics of foods
 These are the twins as Banans split sundae
Hanryo- Gakuen: App: Kagawa, Shinji by Via-Thats-Me
Hanryo- Gakuen: App: Kagawa, Shinji
First name: Shinji
Last name: Kagawa
DOB: 2/17
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Year: Highschool Thrid
Course: Creative


- Riding skateboard
- Being outside
- Rock music
- Sweets
- Doing risky things
- Playing guitar
- Making friends
- Alcohol
- People who are open and trustworthy
- Cute girls
-Cute boys
- Hanging out doing nothing
- Clear dark summer nights
- Being out late


- Liars and cheaters
- staying inside all the time
- Rainy days
- Being restricted and told how to live his life
- Studying
- Cleaning his room
- Being cold
- Being sick
- People who are rude
- People who pick on others
-Being alone
-Staying still for a long time
- Milk
- Carrots

Personality: Shinji Is outgoing and fun-loving. He is not afraid to take a risk and try something new, even though he can be irrational sometimes and needs someone to reason with him. For reasons in his past he has become Rebellious in some ways, breaking a couple of his family traditions. Even though he may seem wild and crazy at first, once you get to know him he is very Trustworthy and Kind. He really tries not to judge people by their outer appearance and always tries to be Friendly. Sometimes he can be a total Sweetheart and do the whole 'old- fashioned stuff', but he doesn't really care, he actually thinks it's the best way to treat someone. He's always sweet and gentle. It has never been in his nature to be cruel or harsh to someone unless it was absolutely necessary. He knows when to be professional and when he can be himself, so he hasn't lost all respect and manners over being the way he is. You can almost always find him outside skateboarding or hanging out somewhere like under trees or in fields. He tries to stay level headed and calm most of the time and believes getting upset will only make it worse. And even if he is freaking out on the inside, a calm attitude is the best way to go. If he's inside he's usually on his electric guitar making music. He hates when people treat other people badly or bully others, and will usually stand up for someone if he feels it's getting out of hand. He really just wants to live life to the fullest and make the best of the years he has. He believes one should live for the day and not trouble themselves with the troubles and problems for the next day.

Background: Shinji comes from an very rich family, which bought him into school, but don't get it wrong, he is a smart, straight A student. His father (Kagawa, Hiro Age: 35) is the CEO of a large technology company, while his mother(Kagawa, Rei Age: 32) has a very successful cosmetic and fashion line that is popular in Europe, America, and parts of Australia. His mother was petite, but not too thin, with long black hair and a pretty face. She had always been smart in school and studied hard to get to college. She found she was into fashion and makeup, so she decided to take that path and it worked out with tremendously positive results. His father had always been a lady's man in high school, and didn't take school seriously till his junior year. He picked up the pace in his studies and rose to the top with a lot of hard work. He worked with technology after high school and through business, and some dirty work somewhere along they way, he became a powerful CEO. They met while on an airplane headed for the same destination on business travel. Exchanging contact information, they met many times after that. They began dating a couple weeks after meeting. The months went by and they really did fall in love with each other, and within 3 years, were married on September 25. Two years later Shinji, their only child was born. Being an only child meant that he got the most attention all the time. However, after he was old enough to take care of himself, his parents began to be home less and less. They began to disappear a lot. He would wake up and they would be gone, and there would be a note with a wad of cash saying they would be gone for awhile. They were always gone longer than they said they would. When it first started happening, he felt alone and abandon. He was forced to learn to cook and clean the house and pay the bills with his parents' accounts. The lists of things needed to be done when they left him became longer and longer. When they came home, they barely paid him notice, always on the phone or busy writing and calculating things. Whenever he tried to get his mother and father to get involved they would scold him, saying it wasn't right to get in the way while they worked. Eventually, he stopped feeling the hurt of them always pushing him away, he knew nothing would pull them away from their work, not even their own son. Now, they can both be gone for months at a time and only spend no more that 2 weeks back home. Shinji eventually grew used to it, but couldn't help not being wanted anymore, because of this he became a little rebellious which makes him who he is. Over the last couple of years his mother has tried to rekindle their relationship, realizing she should have spent more time  with her son. She tries to support him in anything he does, and Kagawa has responded positively to it. His father on the other hand keeps on him for not pursuing a career in business or technology, but Kagawa remains rebellious against his father's wishes. Of course, he still respects his mother and father still, and usually listens to the small requests that are given, but since they are never really around, he can usually do as he pleases whenever. Around the time he was on his own for good, he then had to watch his cousin, Ina, Akemi. His aunt has cancer now, and in order to support Ina and keep expensive payments on treatment, his uncle is rarely around either. Ina goes through times of depression when her mother goes through bad times, so her father wants someone close to her to make sure she doesn't go off the deep end. Kagawa and Ina are almost like brother and sister. They grew up together and Ina even began to call him her big brother. She needs him more than ever and he is more than willing to be there for her.  With an overflowing bank account that won't stop for many years to come, he can be quite spoiled, however he tries to be humble about it and not be a brat. Many people judge him because of the sum of cash that's behind his family. He does the best to ignore it, and doesn't let too many people know about it in fear of losing friends or making them for the wrong reasons. Shinji loves life, even if his parents aren't apart of it, he can always make new friends at school. He was enlisted here because his parents felt he needed a high education, and needed to be around people and be social, not always alone playing music. At first, Shinji was upset about being enrolled without being told, but after a couple weeks he figured it wouldn't be so bad to go to boarding school and not be alone all the time anyway.

Additional Info

- He lives in a very large traditional Japanese house on the country side Like here :[link] , [link]
- He does own his own car, but keeps it at home for use when he is not in school
- He wants to be in a band
- Sometimes he'll explore the forest near his house
- He likes to lay out in the grass shirtless on warm summer nights and watch the stars
- His favorite color is red
- His favorite sweet is a double layer chocolate cake
- He loves to order sushi and miso soup with bowl of fried rice when he goes out
- He hates to see pretty girls cry
-He is an exceptional guitarist both electric and acoustic
-He has a nice singing voice

Inoue, Yuu: Knows him from school before this one. Has deep feelings for him and cares for him. Had an on and off kind of sort of relationship, but not an actual item. Extremely complicated

Ina, Akemi: His cousin that he loves like a little sister. Has to take care of her because her mother suffers from cancer and it affects her. Is hated to the core by Inoue

Hasegawa, Yue: Does not really know her all to well, but thinks she is the cutest girl. He is slowly developing a crush on her.

Voice Sample:…
The male singer around 00:30 into the song


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